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Each of the five judges had a keypad with a red and a blue button. The judges pressed a button for which ever corner they felt landed a scoring blow.

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"You were so unbelievably desirable, even after all you'd been through. I took a cold shower just to get you off my mind.

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He pulled his hand out from behind his back, revealing a small, rectangular, black box.

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Moved to my hips where he stroked each curve and dip, tracing the bones underneath. When I tried to twist away, he returned to my breasts.

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" I tried to read the emotions in his eyes, but they were dark and clouded now.

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"Holly, you don't-" "Shh.

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But this morning when I asked her if Dirk was defrosting the turkey at his place because I'd not seen it, she dropped the bomb that he was on a no-poultry diet and had bought a ham for us to bake instead tomorrow. Lots of people had ham instead of turkey.

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Fragile at the core but with a tough outer shell.

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Slower but with no less intensity than before. Each pass had his fingers moving down further until he slipped two between us along his cock and stroked through my pussy from behind.

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" His hand pressed my head back to his shoulder. "Hear me out, okay.

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