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" How I kept my voice even, I have no idea. Maybe it was Chris's presence, which was more evident as he'd slid his arm around under my breasts and lightly grasped my left side as soon as Dirk had stepped forward.

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To add insult to injury, I found the kitchen a mess and Jolie and Dirk making out-possibly more-on the couch.

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"Does this guy," Chris asked, his voice husky as he ran a single finger up and down the soft hollow of skin just behind my ear along the back of my jaw, "know right where to touch you to drive you wild?" I wanted him to both continue and yet stop touching me there.

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"Do I have to worry about you having suppressed feelings of resentment toward your mother because she woke you too early each morning when you were growing up. Did she sing you a song I should know about to avoid?" "You need to grow up," I grumbled, swinging my legs out from under the covers on the opposite side of the bed.

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"Because you're a great girlfriend, and you wanted to help out a poor guy.

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You've had a rough week, and it wasn't fair that I teased you for the past hour.

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Others were already juggling multiple bags while maneuvering through the masses to the next store.

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