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Havoc is on the streets looking for someone to paint on with a penis. She finds a willing participant and heads back to the studio for some fun.

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I reveled in his early sounds of pleasure.

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As a result, we'd discussed possible punishments for disobedience. He'd wanted to avoid spanking since I liked it and he wasn't into physical harm.

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It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. ONE MONTH LATER "Are you sure.

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There was a jerk on my hair again. "Open your eyes, Holly.

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"I wrapped both hands around my warm cup and smiled, loving how his blue eyes became even more brilliant as he talked. Since we'd met, there had been many times we both shared various things about ourselves.

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" "Shh, don't cry. " He gave me a second kiss, wiped his thumb over each of my lower lids, and then threaded his fingers through mine before opening the door.

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" Jolie squeezed my hand, maybe for courage because her own were shaking.

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" Every now and then, his body would shift as he talked. I don't think it was intentional, but it caused sparks to light up sporadically through my nether regions.

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I'd planned to wrap up the ultrasound image for one of his presents.

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